Cuomo fundraiser protest Tuesday at 5PM 11-19-13

Come to Cuomo protest Rus Thompson

Cuomo tried to dodge the citizens of NY last week, cancelling his fundraiser at Templeton Landing claiming “There was an overwhelming response.” YES, there was! A response from us and others that oppose Cuomo and his tyrannical ways sent him packing for the hills…too bad it wasn’t really the Swiss Alps. Please join your fellow Patriots in protest against the NY SAFE Act and against Cuomo & his croonies!

Their face book event page over 100 people have confirmed.

This is Paladino Country

Short-Load Mixers Handle Small Jobs

minimaxconcrete fb
MiniMax Concrete makes Light & Medium Duty Truck Magazine

MiniMax Concrete Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., offers mixers ranging from ½ to 3 cubic yards. Rus Thompson, president and CEO, said he started the business five years ago when he needed one yard of concrete to finish a driveway skirt.

“Calling up concrete companies to find out costs, I was floored at the short-load charges and fuel delivery charge. For one yard I would be paying over $400.”

Instead, he found an old, small mixer, made design changes and started the company. “The original idea was to build [mixers] for contractors who can get their own concrete,” Thompson said. “Most concrete jobs are 2 to 3 yards.”

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State Senator and Activist get into Shouting Match -Video

Grisanti loses the PR war on this one. He should have just stayed in his office then the news coverage would have been, 2nd Amendment supporters hold protest outside his office. Instead Grisanti in his arrogance and west side thug attitude have to be confrontational. With well over a thousand comments I have read Grisanti has about 2% support, the rest want him gone.

A verbal battle over the gun control issue between State Senator Mark Grisanti and activist Rus Thompson unfolded Friday outside the senator’s Buffalo office. The conservative activist did not hold back when confronting Grisanti, a Republican, who sided with the governor on gun control.

State Senator and Activist get into Shouting Match |

Red Flag Raised over Maziarz Campaign Donations

Always follow the money. Maziarz chairs the Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, accepts all kinds of money and then makes a deal. This is the Albany way and they say they aren’t corrupt…

Opponents of the proposed $1.5 billion takeover of CH Energy Group by Fortis Inc. of Canada say comments about the deal by state Sen. George Maziarz should be disregarded because he has received  political contributions from CH Energy and Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp. in the past two years.
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Silver Says Assembly Has ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Corruption

The poster child for corruption say he has zero tolerance for it? Well usually politicians are guilty when they make statements like this. This guys law firm has made 21 Million off the fracking issue. Things take forever to hit the floor because he waits for mr green backs to pay and pay big.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he expects New York to have a new anti-corruption law by the end of the legislative session, but stressed the vast majority of lawmakers are hardworking and honest. Continue reading

Obama lulled America into false sense of security

This is an excellent article and once again some of the best coverage comes from the U.K. 0bama has done his very best to convince us that the fight was really over even to the point that we can’t even call it the War on Terror or we are fighting radical Islam. Cells are all over this country and this War on Terror now is being fought on our streets. Evil has come a knocking on our door, at home and we are being told this is the “New Normal”….. Be prepared, arm yourselves because we have NO leadership in this country. We have allowed evil to permeate our homeland, our leaders have failed us.

Although he acknowledged the need to pursue the “remnants” of the terrorist group and its affiliates, the overall message was clear – al-Qaeda was badly degraded, the tides of war were receding and the US was winning this fight that was no longer even officially a war.


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