Ranzenhofer Adds Name To NYSAFE Repeal Bill

This is all well and good BUT, will he push to get the repeal Bill out of the judiciary committee and to the floor for a debate and vote? He and others can sign on all they want, it is acting on it that will make a difference. Maybe they are getting the hint and message that we are coming after them with protests at their local offices.

Batavia, NY WBEN State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer has added his name to those sponsoring legislation calling for the repeal of the NYSAFE Act.”When a bill is rushed to passage withour proper review by the public and then passed in the middle of the night, the end result has a negative result on residents,” says Ranzenhofer. Continue reading

Cuomos Gestapo squad and tactics!


So as we knew this would happen. Cuomo conspiring with 0bama, DHS and the State Police to violate our 4th Amendment Rights, 2nd Amendment Rights and HIPPA Laws to confiscate our guns.. A secret task force to look at our medical records so they can confiscate your firearms. If this isn’t gestapo tactics I don’t know what is.

WE stopped this because of our outrage and Lawyers Jim and Max Tresmond. They are trying to throw the Constitution out the window.

Carl Paladino the 2nd Amendment Governor

Had Carl Paladino been elected Governor of New York in 2010 we would not be facing the confiscation of our Constitutionally Protected RIGHT to bear arms. We would not have seen any legislation that would infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights. Carl is in my opinion the Governor of 80% of this state, Cuomo has the other 20% which is everything south of Westchester County. The very area that refuses to even dicsuss repealing the unSAFE Act thrust upon us by the democrats and cowardly rino republicans that have been sucked up in to the Cuomo liberal machine. The line has never been clearer, this state is divided and it is time to act upon this. We need to some how separate this state and the politics that is destroying 80% but benefits the 20%…..

Police wrongly pulled man’s gun permit

They made a mistake? They screwed up? Jumping the gun, pun intended. All in a rush to yank your permits and take your guns they really screwed up. Cuomo is hell bent on rushing this to get and stay in our faces here in WNY because we are so in his face against this UNSAFE LAW! Ya think they will slow down now? Doubtful.


AMHERST, N.Y. (WIVB) – State Police forced an Amherst man to turn in his guns after suspending his pistol permit over anti-anxiety medication. But now they say it was all a misunderstanding.

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs said, “Today, we all look like fools.” Continue reading

An Up And Down Vote On The 2nd Amendment Is Unconstitutional!”

Levin! The best argument I have heard yet. Anything they do is a violation of the Constitution. They want to change the Bill of Rights? The 2nd Amendment then do it in the open, it has to include the states and the people. If anything is passed ion Congress then it HAS to go to the states for ratification. That is the Law and that is the truth!

Mark Levin EXPLODES!!: “An Up And Down Vote On The 2nd Amendment Is Unconstitutional!” – YouTube.

NY Gun Confiscation Underway

I can no longer say this will stay peaceful. This just may be the crossed line in the sand.

My question right now is….. Who will draw first blood? Cuomo’s State gestapo or a Law abiding citizen refusing to allow his or her LEGAL guns to be confiscated? Have they now crossed that line? Cuomo is doing the work 0bama wants to do nation wide. They fight is right here in NY. This fight is not for the weak, it is time to be strong and in the face of what now appears to be the enemy of Law abiding, Constitutionally empowered citizens.

Manasquan, NJ –(Ammoland.com)- Remember all those who denied that firearms confiscation as a result of New York’s new gun laws was too “insane” to even consider?

That it was strictly in the realm of paranoid conspiracy theorists and the “it cant happen here crowd”? Continue reading

Cuomo considering ousting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

Over the years people have asked me, “how would you reform Albany?”  “What is the first thing you would do to start reforming the Legislature”

That would not be an easy task at all mainly due to the fact that “they” have to vote to do any of it. But, if I were in charge of the task the first thing I would do is break down the power structure in both houses. One person cannot be allowed to wield all the power. In the assembly Silver controls all committee chairs, all committee seats, all pork money, all appointments. In other words Silver controls everything including what Bill get to the floor and what Bills come out of committee.

IF you as a democrat under Silver don’t vote the way HE wants you to vote you will find you have lost your committee seat, chair of the committee, pork money for your district and reelection money. He even can have your friends and families jobs taken away. Yes, one person controls all this.

First step in reforming the power structure? Break this down between 8 to 10 assemblymen. Split up the power and control. NOTHING will happen unless or until the power structure is restructured. What we have is 3 men in a room with a dictator in each of them.

ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo and his top aides are looking to use last week’s round of embarrassing scandals in Albany to oust Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — and they’re already eyeing an upstate lawmaker to replace him, The Post has learned. Continue reading